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Miracle participating in Oracle PaaS Partner Community Forum 2018

the conference for Oracle Partners

“The Oracle PaaS Partner Community Forum was a one week conference for cutting-edge software consultants, engineers and enterprise-level professionals. The #PaaSForum brought together the world’s leading Oracle experts in the fields of integration, API management, process management, microservices, machine learning, mobile, chabot, content management and blockchain.

Three Miracle members where part of this exciting event in Budapest, and came back with many insights on Oracle PAAS Offerings.
The conference was unique as it brought together Partner experiences with Oracle PAAS Platform and gave access to real world PAAS solutions.
Experts like Grant Ronald, Frank Nimphius, Lucas Jellema, Angelo Santagata, Geertjan Wielenga, Debra Lilley and others presented best practices and customer success stories.

The conference openly discussed the roadblocks encountered on PAAS platform and how they can be overcome.
It also presented a good road map for emerging technologies like  blockchain, machine learning, IoT, and chatbots .

Two-day PAAS4SAAS workshop was a great way to get hands-on with the extending Oracle SAAS solutions with custom flows and UI.
The workshop provided a full use case in integrating ERP cloud with custom flow and a sleek mobile application. 

A two day hands-on training about Oracle Integration Cloud Service (OIC), API Platform Cloud Service (API CS), Process Cloud Service (PCS), Mobile & Chatbot Cloud Service (MCS), Internet of Things Cloud Service (IoT CS), Java Cloud Service (JCS) & Application Container Cloud Service (ACCs), Visual Builder Cloud Service (ABCs) and Content Cloud Service was also organized to train and specialize the partners on these services.
The training was designed to enable participants to have a running sample solution using these services.

Miracle looks forward to using the knowledge acquired during this week long conference to enable their customers utilize Oracle PAAS offerings in the best possible way”

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