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Red Hat

With subscriptions comes advice …

It is important to have an understanding of how the technique works and how it is set up.

It is also essential to understand the user’s needs and to processes correctly in order to offer the complete portfolio solution.

At Miracle, we know the solutions for each licenses and subscriptions we provide. Therefore, expert advice always accompanies any sale of subscriptions.


Red Hat does not sell licenses, but subscriptions that have many advantages. When you buy commercial Open Source, you do not pay for the license, as Open Source is available for free on the Internet. Instead, you pay for a level of support to cover specific use cases and environments and Knowledge databases. Not forgetting, often special versions with extra functionality optimised for production and with security updates.


As a Red Hat customer at Miracle
You have access to a number of benefits
  • Access to Red Hat Certified Consultants
  • Access the Miracles Red Hat Support Portal
  • Advice in relation to best practice
  • Support on purchased Red Hat solutions
  • Notice when your subscriptions need to be renewed
  • Advice of subscriptions model

Open Source
– experience that counts

We have been working with Red Hat since 2006 with extensive experience in the entire product portfolio. We advise both in the use of Red Hat and in subscriptions.

With Miracle as your Red Hat partner, you not only get access to subscriptions at favorable prices, but also access to Denmark’s largest Red Hat consulting house.

Get started

Do you have questions about Red Hat prices or solutions, or have you come across a supplier who does not have certified Red Hat consultants to help you further? Contact us and hear how we can help.


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