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Oracle Applications

Oracle Applications Introduction

Having done more than 10 years of targeted work, strategically investing in Oracle Implementation, Miracle is now Denmark’s biggest and most experienced Oracle implementation partner. The home of 25 specialists with high technical expertise, we have a lot of experience in every aspect, from project management to detailed functional insight.

This has resulted in a long line of successful projects, involving Oracle on-premise implementations, plus migrations to, and new implementations of, Oracle Cloud solutions. We therefore have a proven track record of experience in virtually all facets of a successful implementation project.

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Competences and resources

Our competent Oracle resources are always in demand and are often fully booked. Miracle has solved this peak load challenge, and the resulting need for scaling of resources, by entering into a strategic collaboration with Evosys. Evosys is a global implementation partner, which, successfully and with similar business ethics to Miracle, have solved tasks in both the public and private sectors.

Every project is based on achieving the optimal utilisation of Oracle’s standard software. Our main responsibility has been – together with Evosys – to implement and incorporate the system’s many business support processes, into the necessary business processes, in close collaboration with the client.

Project learning and recommendation

Our work on Oracle Fusion Cloud projects has generated a large catalogue of experience, and what we learned from the Danish projects is that the focus must never be solely on technology and tools, if a project is to be designed and implemented successfully.

We are seeing an increased standardisation of process support, but also an increased demand for organisational and process modulation, which we interpret as a shift in the implementation paradigm. This challenges organisations’ readiness for making decisions, as well as their ability to accept and absorb change and new ways of doing business – this in turn places new demands on the implementation partner.

Generally, demands for a higher professional level are placed on the entire project team. Consultants need to know their solution, while at the same time possessing a large amount of knowledge within the specific domain.



We have implemented and/or provided support for the majority of Danish Oracle clients (public as well as private sector) in accordance with Miracle’s project governance model, both with and without subcontractors. This method is built to ensure proper management through all phases of the project, providing full transparency without the loss of flexibility and forward momentum.
Denmark’s Agency for Public Finance and Management, Danske Bank, universities DTU, KU, SDU, AAU, AU, and Universal Robots, in all of which Miracle as main supplier has acted as guarantor of a successful collaboration. Most of the projects have involved Finance, Projects, Purchasing, and HCM Cloud.

Optimal use of default software

All projects ere based upon optimal use of standard software from Oracle

All projects are based on achieving optimal utilization of the standard software from Oracle, and Miracle’s main responsibility has – together with Evosys – been to implement and incorporate the system’s many business support processes in the required business paths in close collaboration with our clients.

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