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Open Source & Infrastructure

Enormous potential requires strong management

Open Source comes with a world of possibilities. The crucial part is to build a robust and efficient infrastructure, which allows for an asynchronous replacement of parts of the IT landscape, while using microservices to optimise each individual service.

With a future-proof infrastructure, the foundation is laid for optimal data integration, application integration, and “integration platform as a service”, all via the use of up-to-date Open Source technology.

Open Source & Linux

By providing the strongest Linux/Open-Source competences on the market, we offer counseling regarding both implementation and operational support of Linux-based platforms – all to sustain the necessary requirements in relation to IT-security, finance- and operational stability in your organization. By utilizing a robust infrastructure and a seamless middleware-machinery, the current Open-Source enterprise solution can help create full value for your organization.

What do we offer?

Great design creates maximum value

The certified architects and consultants of Miracle collectively disposes of the competences, which lays the foundation for successful customer solutions. Our consultants are trained within the industry – however by having further in-depth areas of expertise, our consultants make up a highly competent unit, where the technological know-how is supplemented by strong business insights.

We offer:

Access to Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA), 15+ years of experience in Enterprise Linux environments, and complete Open Source advisory capability.

Certified and experienced support

Miracle offers Linux-based platforms, which respond in the best possible way to specific needs for IT security, financials, and operational stability in any client project. It is all about extracting the maximum value of the current Enterprise Open Source solution.

We offer:

The most versatile Linux/Open Source skills on the market, a stable Linux-platform as well as a local-and Danish-speaking support team – both available onsite and remote.

Best practice

IT-installations are rightfully expected to be secured against hackers, virus, and other types of misuse. Our consultants will help your business secure your Linux-servers in the best possible ways. We can also assist in obtaining and interpret reference-architecture documents if your business wish to implement new solutions.

We offer:

Support concerning network setups: reinforcement of your Linux-machines, both regarding network, services, and control protocols. We furthermore offer second opinions on pre-established installations and optimization of service-configurations.

Linux installation

With many years of experience in implementing both minor and larger solutions, we offer professional guidance in each stage of a given project of implementation.

When implementing IT-projects of larger scales, there will often emerge a need for professional guidance – even if it is just for a limited period to make the implementation successful.

We offer:

Installation and configuration of Linux environment, deployment server, patch management, surveillance via text message or email alerts.

Ad hoc support

Support is a core performance of Miracle, as it can be difficult to navigate how to seek help in the Linux-universe. We consider guidance, counselling, and support as vital parameters of a well-functioning collaboration. We therefore make a virtue out of creating the right establishment of support carefully accustomed to each client’s specific business, needs and demands. We will help you find your way in a jungle of opportunities.

We offer:

Onsite or remote support, broad knowledge of both commercial and community open source, broad business acumen.

Support agreements

We provide competent and operations-oriented support, whose function is more so like a consulting partner, who will help lift any given task by securing a stable operation with your Linux-platform. We offer support both as fixed and/or periodic agreement, and the support can be performed both onsite and/or as a remote service.

We offer:

Holiday relief, and hosting of your Linux environment. In addition, we offer flexible agreements, on-call agreements, service agreements, and outsourcing agreements.

IT security

The need for maximum IT-security is increasing, and the demands will only become increasingly extensive over time. We understand the importance of IT-security at Miracle – not only within a given network but also for vital data. IT-security is about safety and comfort – which we can help your organization obtain. We will review your Linux platforms from A-Z and advise your business regarding potential issues, which we naturally will help overcome. Most companies, who performs IT-security tests, are not proficient with the Linux-universe – we are although happy to cooperate with your test-partner, to ensure sufficient security testing of your platform.

IT Security & Linux

IT security has become a large and important focus area. At Miracle, we work with IT security in relation to Linux environments in data centres.

  • Network security
  • Securing Linux operating system
  • Database security
  • Intrusion detection
  • Backup & recovery
  • Surveillance

We furthermore provide testing of your current security level, and we will help you and your business to rectify any deficiencies.

Open Source and Red Hat

The value of the investment, your business makes in Open Source, will increase continuously, if you ensure using the ‘Best Practice’ application. Miracle is a Red Hat Premium Partner, and offers both Red Hat-certified consultants, tailored courses and counseling concerning acquisitions of Red Hat subscriptions.

Get a head start…

If you are curious about how Miracle can help you with Linux, infrastructure, and Open Source, please do not hesitate to contact us today.


Arik Gaarde Nielsen Twena
Head of Department
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