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Open Source


You only need to attend one place

We deliver Open Source across the entire value chain. From development to integration and infrastructure. We do so via automation and a DevOps approach. Our experience has taught us, that we achieve the best process and the best results for you, when you give us full responsibility for the entire value chain. This ensures full ownership across the board – and you only need to go to one place.

IT boundaries are steadily becoming more dynamic, and each single business’ needs differ greatly. We experience that many encounter challenges with their newly developed IT on existing infrastructure. We believe in starting small, by using our partner model, where we can scale the solution together as we go. During this process we act as your impartial partner, while consulting you on the many Open Source products on the market.

Build your solution the right way right away

We are experts on Open Source – and we will gladly advise you on specific products or general questions about Open Source. A lot of hours can be saved by building your solution the right way from the start, by involving the necessary expertise at the right time. This way you will avoid having to rebuild your solution.

Our Approach


Integration has never been more important. Today, everything must be integrated and synchronised, and many companies employ a mixture of standard and homemade systems. There is also a sizeable focus on applications – but, if they do not speak to each other, they are not worth anything.


Anyone can buy a licence. Unfortunately, it is our experience that many clients rush into buying lots of subscriptions before having explored the market and clarified their needs. Therefore, we always advise our clients to let us help in finding the best solution. We will help your organisation in activating your subscriptions, and together we make sure that you get off to a good start.


The market is trending towards Open Source, and lately Microsoft followed suit with .net5 . During the later years we have invested heavily in our Open Source department and our associates’ competences, so that we are now experts on most of the relevant development languages. We offer a process, where we collaborate to create a shorter time-to-market for new products, to be able to quickly test and receive feedback directly from the users. This ensures a higher degree of user involvement, which in the end will result in a better final product.


There has been a shift in the market towards a greater focus on container technology, and the principles it involves. Applications being developed now are put in isolated containers, enabling start-up and shutdown as needed. This provides much more flexibility in development, including cost structure on servers moving from fixed to flexible. But lots of businesses are having trouble moving away from the traditional way of doing business. The boundaries, however, have moved, making it necessary to establish new collaborative ways and workflows between development and infrastructure, in order to be successful. Our recommendation in this regard is clear – think automation from the start.

Case: Bank Data

Bank Data: Quicker start-up time and implementation, lower memory consumption, improved scalability, and increased productivity in development. These are just some of the benefits, that Quarkus has to offer. Bank Data experienced significant time savings already during the early phase of their Quarkus project. Read more here.

“Miracle has advised us and bounced ideas with us on our journey with Quarkus. They understand what we want to achieve and help us make the project a success. A project which already from the start has gained very impressive results.”
Lars Christensen, Head Of Department, Bank Data

Market leaders

Miracle’s associates are constantly keeping up-to-date with the Open Source environment and the latest technologies in the market, partly by means of continuous education, and active participation in relevant Open Source communities. This ensures that we are always using the latest technology available.

Get a head start

Please contact us for an informal talk about Open Source already today

Arik Gaarde Nielsen Twena
Head of Department
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