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When it should come together

The need to register, share information across applications, departments and locations and not forgetting between customers and partners all at the same time. These factors are growing in alignment with the enormous amount of data generated every day. Silos of data and spaghetti integration often characterise companies, and the fear of instability accompanied with crashes. These issues overshadow the ambition of a contemporary and structured system integration.

Data silos, what does that mean?

  • The lack of access to data results in unnecessary, manual workflows
  • Momentum is losing drive and the slower time-to-market can have critical consequences for the business
  • The need to gather information from multiple systems in real time can be fundamental to decisions or further processing of data
  • Uptime is critical and not always compatible with spaghetti integration


It’s about access to data


Miracle manages integration with login systems such as easy-ID, payment portals, legacy systems, storage systems and data in the cloud – in short for all your systems.

Integration creates value when the user experience is combined with access to data and service. That makes everyday life easier.

The Miracle Road

Over the years, Miracle has advised, developed, and integrated systems across platforms, applications, formats, and databases for customers in all industries within Denmark.

Our specialists range widely, and with a field of 150 employees, we have seen and tried most things.

Different IT platforms require different integration setups. With Miracles’ team of developers, consultants, architects, testers and project managers, we work together towards a larger end result.

Get started …

If you need a discussion about your integration challenge, Miracle is always ready to help.

Peter Lindahl
Sales Director
phone 2155 9927
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