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Automation frees up time

Digitisation and automation not only reduce the time spent on a given process or task – it also ensures a significant minimisation in errors that undeniably edge in when manual processes are in play.

Automation streamlines workflows and is the gateway to more value-creating work and a source of increased growth in your business.

Are you considering a new development platform?

DevOps is the way to go if you want to build a bridge between development and operational activities in a way that promotes communication, collaboration, continuous development, and integration as well as delivery through automated testing and commissioning.

To ensure an agile, scaled setup, a technology stack containing a wide range of tools is often used, such as Container technology, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Red Hat, Openshift, Ansible and Jira.

Experience DevOps Capability

Miracle has the proficiency and experience with DevOps as well as Continuous Integration (CI) & Continuous Delivery (CD). We are happy to help you get started with friction-free development, which delivers quality-assured software solutions.

We have extensive experience in training organisations in new forms of collaboration, where DevOps and disciplines such as CI / CD and automation play a crucial role. We guide and coach teams and are part of both shorter and longer courses. We are equipping your development and operations departments for a completely new form of collaboration.

Infrastructure as Code

With IaC (Infrastructure as Code), shell scripts, command prompt and manual procedures are eliminated in favour of DevOps tooling, which then results in efficient operation and delivery equipment.
Miracle also teaches and coaches DevOps tooling’s, e.g., Ansible and Ansible Tower.
With IaC, change management and configuration management becomes a natural, well-documented and decisive part of any development & operation process.


Migration of existing on-prem applications to Linux containers.

With the container and the right development standards, it is possible to provide Atomic services / microservices that minimise the impact of change in the event of changing business needs. At the same time, scaling is supported by developer teams in the organisation. As these are given the opportunity to work in parallel on the same system – without disruption.


With platforms such as OpenShift, OKD and AWS ECS make it possible to optimise and allocate hardware resource consumption to the right services and systems in a transparent and standardised practice. Development teams are trained in fast-track and can quickly establish the necessary infrastructure and quickly and precisely measure performance and resource consumption.


With Continuous Integration, it becomes possible for development teams to get quick feedback on software changes, which drastically reduces the number of errors that reach in production.
Continuous Delivery automates complex deployments and reduces the margin of error configuration.
With Continuous Delivery, operational stability before, during and after deployments is significantly increased, as the process is automatic and based on DevOps standards.

Get started…

Maybe you are considering your future development platform? Or maybe you just want to hear more about what Miracle can offer on the DevOps and CI / CD page?
Contact us for a chat about your specific challenges.


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