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When coherence is needed

The need to register and share information across several applications, departments, and locations – not to mention across clients and partners – grows in proportion to the enormous amount of data generated every day. Businesses are often marred by data silos and spaghetti integration, while the fear of system instability and breakdowns overshadow the ambition of a modern, well-structured system integration.

Data silos, what does it mean?

  • Lack of access to data results in unnecessary manual workflows
  • Momentum is lost, and slower time to market can have critical implications for the business
  • Collecting information from different systems in real time can have a fundamental negative impact on decisions and further processing of data
  • Uptime is critical and not always compatible with spaghetti integration

It’s all about data access

Miracle handles integration of login systems such as nemID [official Danish security login system], payment portals, legacy systems, inventory management systems, and cloud data – in short, all your systems.
Integration creates value, when combining user experience with access to data and services. This is what makes everyday life easier.

Miracle manages integration with login systems such as easy-ID, payment portals, legacy systems, storage systems and data in the cloud – in short for all your systems.

Integration creates value when the user experience is combined with access to data and service. That makes everyday life easier.

The Miracle Way

Throughout the years, Miracle has advised, developed, and integrated systems across various platforms, applications, formats, and databases, for clients in all areas of business all over Denmark.
Our specialists span a wide range, and with a staff of 150 employees, we have been around the block a few times.
Different IT platforms demand different integration setups. With Miracle’s team of developers, advisory consultants, architects, testers, and project managers, we work together towards a bigger picture.

Get ahead start …

Are you interested in discussing potential integration challenges in your organisation? We are ready to help!

Peter Melvig
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