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It is all about people

We are very conscious about not becoming analogue digital. Solutions that match the world, people, and businesses of 2021 must be innovative, inspiring, and accessible – in short, a good experience.

This is why we work with experience design when we develop a digital service. Relating to human behaviour, we create user experiences that are friendly, accommodating, and intuitive. That is what it takes to provide a service that feels up to date and ultimately is used.

Organisation with room for innovation

Innovation is not something you can order online and have delivered to your door, just as it cannot be isolated to one single department. Therefore, innovation labs have almost become a cliché, giving birth to a new concept: Innovation theatre. Because the innovation satellites often disappoint and are shut down, leaving you with a used 3D printer and a pair of VR goggles.

Innovation must be accommodated within the organisation to work properly. Hence, it is important that the organisation can handle initiatives and ideas. It sounds like a given, but oftentimes our processes and “best practices” are what stands in the way of innovation.

Are we too busy to innovate?

When diagnosing stress, one talks about “the hot phase”. In the hot phase, we talk faster, move faster, signal impatience, send emails outside of work hours, have lunch sitting at our desks, are constantly checking emails on our mobile phone, are late for meetings, and generally, our minds are somewhere other than in the present.

That type of behaviour prevents us from thinking new thoughts, because there is simply no bandwidth left.

For this reason, building a good innovation culture begins with providing bandwidth for each individual, to enable us to use our minds, have ideas, and to see things from a new perspective.

Ursula foredrag om innovation

Let us begin your journey together

If your interest is sparked, and you want to learn more about how to create a successful transformation, we will gladly drop by to inform and inspire you. In a setting of your choice, we look forward to meeting you and your team, your department, or your entire company for a morning meet-up. It is up to you. Reach out to Ursula below, and you are halfway there.

Get a head start…

Ursula Krogsbøll
Director of Innovation
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