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Open Source

Open Source – the future is here.

The idea of an open development model, where you work together towards a stable, secure, and innovative technology appeals to the majority, and that is exactly why Open Source is gaining ground with both small and large businesses.

Market leader.

Miracle’s employees are constantly keeping up to date with the Open Source environment and the latest technologies in the market. This is partly achieved by continuing education as well as active participation in relevant Open Source communities. Being on the technological forefront is crucial to make client applications work – and to make said applications scalable to changing conditions in the organization.

Enormous potential requires strong management

Open Source comes with a world of possibilities. The crucial part is to build a robust and efficient infrastructure, which allows for an asynchronous replacement of parts of the IT landscape, while using microservices to optimise each individual service. With a future-proof infrastructure, the foundation is laid for optimal data integration, application integration, and “integration platform as a service”, all via the use of up-to-date Open Source technology.

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Open Source

Miracle partners with a wide array of Open Source suppliers. We believe that Open Source is the platform of the future for a long line of solutions. We have the experience and resources to make your wishes a reality.

Safe Operation

With Miracle as Open Source partner you are ensured access to our extensive experience, as well as the right choice of technology every time.

Additionally, you get free access to Miracle’s Red Hat Support Portal.

Get a head start…

If you have any questions regarding Open Source solutions, please contact us and let us know how we may help you.

Tina Facius
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