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Teenagers can simply be motivated to take responsibility, read homework, and maybe even clean up their room. And in fact, you can greatly control the course of the battle in the meeting room, so you can achieve results with a sure hand and get yes to your suggestions.

If you are curious about how, here is a podcast that makes you better at understanding your surroundings, yourself, and your role in interacting with others. Listen – it only takes 30 minutes, and you can easily clean the kitchen or fix the laundry at the same time.

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Kindness is the most important currency in 2020

This applies to dealing with customers and colleagues, and this applies not least digitally.

As human interaction is replaced by digital services, we lose eye contact, smiles and the cheerful remark across the conference table. All cohesion indicators that help us sense that we are part of the herd. And we humans need to belong.

Therefore, we need to be careful and aware of adding our project plans, our virtual meetings, our emails, and our Slack chat, etc. elements of kindness. Because we cannot do without it in everyday life. And because we are a much better version of ourselves when we are in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Success is far from a coincidence

Rule No. 1 there must never be a loser in the meeting room. If so, expect to encounter resistance – perhaps even on a later occasion, when you least expect it.

In fact, surprisingly little about good, rational arguments when it comes to moving headwinds to tailwinds in the meeting room. It is first and foremost about creating security. When there is security, we humans become profit-focused – and then we put on the yes hat and do our part to actively contribute to innovation and change.

Let’s start your journey together

Let’s start your journey together

If you have become curious and want to hear more about how to create a successful transformation, we will be happy to come by and tell and inspire you. You set the framework and we look forward to meeting you and your team, your department or the entire company for a morning meeting. It’s up to you. Write to Ursula, and you’re already up and running.

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