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Succeed in transformation

Motivating teenagers to take responsibility, do their homework, and maybe even clean up their room  is quite straightforward. Actually, you can even take control in the meeting room to get the results you want and have your ideas approved.

If you are curious about how, here is a podcast (in danish) which will improve your understanding of your surroundings, of yourself, and of your role in your interaction with others. Listen along – it only takes 30 minutes, and you can easily clean up the kitchen or do the laundry while listening.

Listen here

Friendliness is the most valuable currency in 2021

This is true around clients and colleagues alike, and not least in the digital realm.

As human interaction is gradually replaced by digital services, we lose such things as eye contact, smiles, and the cheerful remarks across the meeting table. These are all indicators of cohesion, which help us in feeling part of the herd. And we humans need to belong.

This is why we have to make a conscious, and careful, effort to add elements of friendliness to our project plans, virtual meetings, emails, Slack chats, etc. Because we cannot do without it in our everyday lives. And because we are much better versions of ourselves when in a friendly, accommodating environment.

Success is far from a coincidence

Rule no. 1 is that a meeting must never result in someone losing. If that happens, you can expect resistance – maybe even at a later occasion, when you need it the least.

Actually, it is surprising how little it matters to have good, rational arguments, when you need to turn resistance into support in the meeting room. The key is to create a feeling of comfort. When we are comfortable, we become more focused on possible gains, and in turn contribute actively to innovation and change.

Ursula foredrag om innovation

Let us begin your journey together

If your interest is sparked, and you want to learn more about how to create a successful transformation, we will gladly drop by to inform and inspire you. In a setting of your choice, we look forward to meeting you and your team, your department, or your entire company for a morning meet-up. It is up to you. Reach out to Ursula below, and you are halfway there.

Get a head start…

Ursula Krogsbøll
Director of Innovation
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