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Optimised knowledge sharing

Information and knowledge – whether about clients, new products, technology, or something entirely different – is, in spite of good intentions to the opposite, often kept locally in departments and teams and is rarely shared with colleagues in the rest of the business.

How to manage, organise, and share knowledge in a systematic and functional manner poses a challenge to many organisations.
Your business consists of many silos of knowledge – which can actually be broken down, enabling coherent information to flow freely across different locations and departments.

Confluence is a flexible Content Management System from Atlassian, which can be used for all your document handling needs. With Confluence, conversations are transformed into actions, content is saved in its proper context, and thus no ideas are lost.

Everything is organised in one place. With a long list of user-friendly and well-tested templates to use as a starting point, your organisation will hit the ground running in securing knowledge and consistency across teams and projects.


The many features

  • Documentation System
  • Wiki
  • Project Plan
  • Project Requirements
  • Employee Manual
  • Comment Tool for Text
  • Meeting
  • Option to “Tag” Colleagues in Text and Comments
  • Make Connections with Labels
  • Gain control of what content is presented to which users
  • Simultaneous live editing of content and text with your colleagues
  • Version Control


As a Miracle customer you will get:

  • Access to certified Atlassian consultants
  • Access to Miracle’s Atlassian Support Portal
  • Consulting in accordance with best practice
  • Assistance with solution and process optimisation
  • Subscription renewal alerts
  • License consulting

Get a head start…

Reach out to us for an informal talk about your knowledge sharing needs.


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