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Cloud Services


The advantage is the flexibility

More and more businesses recognise the advantage of moving all, or parts, of their software to the cloud. Microsoft Azure is one of the most significant players on the market, and Miracle can of course advise you on what would be suitable services in Azure. It can be difficult to define and execute a strategy on how to approach cloud services. Miracle specialises in the selection and optimisation of the appropriate Azure services.

Microsoft Solutions Partner

Azure competences

A large number of services exist on Azure, and new ones are added continuously. Our focus area lies within the services mentioned below, however, in addition we also have broad knowledge of the other options that Azure provides

  • API Management
  • Event Grid (IOT)
  • Service Bus
  • Logic Apps
  • Azure DevOps
  • Azure Database (Cosmos DB, SQL m.m.)
  • App Service
  • Azure Functions
  • API apps
  • Containers
  • Automations / Blueprints
  • Web PubSub/SignalR
  • Azure AD (identity and login)
Infrastructure as code (Iac)

We build infrastructure on Azure with code, to minimise errors in production and ensure full transparency regarding changes and versions used. Naturally, the code is versioned, with full history.

API Management

We can help you display and utilise your data via API management, allowing you to get a handle on security, performance, monitoring, and thus provide the possibility of both internal and external integration.


Let us handle the installation and setup of your CI/CD. We use Azure best practices, so you will avoid manual errors connected to upgrades of production environments, while speeding up your process from development to production as well.


Let us help you, if you are looking at moving infrastructure to Azure, be it a classic virtual private cloud setup with hosted instances, or a move to a new serverless architecture.

Serverless design & development

We believe that Serverless (pay as you go) is a game changer. We offer design and development of solutions that build on the best Azure Serverless principles. Hence, resources are only paid for when they are used.

Hosting & cloud

We understand the difference between hosting and cloud and can provide the necessary advice for you to make the right decision. If you choose a cloud solution, we offer a professional cloud setup, making sure that your performance is top notch.

Shared responsibility

The possibilities are many, but without a competent advisor, the distribution of liability between the cloud service provider and your company may become blurred.

Moving software to the cloud does not mean that operation, maintenance, and service go there as well. Public cloud providers make a framework available that businesses themselves are required to fill out.

Miracle acts as the missing link between the public cloud provider and your business. We make sure that your cloud environment is continuously trimmed and maintained to match your requirements at all times.

Get a head start…

Contact us today, to find out how a complete or partial move to the cloud could benefit your IT business.


Thomas Uhrskov
Head of Department - Azure Services
Morten Randrup
Head of Department
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