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Cloud AWS


The advantage is the flexibility

More and more businesses recognise the advantage of moving all, or parts, of their software to the cloud, where cloud giants such as Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform temptingly offer flexible public cloud solutions. It can be difficult to define and execute a strategy on how to approach cloud services. Miracle specialises in the selection and optimisation of the appropriate services.

Cloud specialists

At Miracle, our focus is on cloud core values: Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, and Cost Optimization.

This is reflected in our AWS Team, where we employ professionally savvy tech gurus, as well as certified AWS Solution Architects.

To ensure that we are helping you extract optimal value out of your cloud services, we utilise a process model that enables a full view of your situation.

Infrastructure as code (Iac)

We build infrastructure on AWS with code, to minimise errors in production and ensure full transparency regarding changes and versions used. Naturally, the code is versioned, with full history.


We can help you achieve the optimal use of S3 (Simple Storage Service on AWS), through S3 hosting of websites, data storage optimised for cost in relation to usage, and many other things.


Let us handle the installation and setup of your CI/CD. We use AWS best practices, so you will avoid manual errors connected to upgrades of production environments, while speeding up your process from development to production as well.


Let us help you, if you are looking at moving infrastructure to AWS, be it a classic virtual private cloud setup with hosted instances, or a move to a new serverless architecture.

Serverless design & development

We believe that Serverless (pay as you go) is a game changer. We offer design and development of solutions that build on the best AWS Serverless principles. Hence, resources are only paid for when they are used.

Hosting & cloud

We understand the difference between Hosting and Cloud and can provide the necessary advice for you to make the right decision. If you choose a cloud solution, we offer a professional cloud setup, making sure that your performance is top notch.

Shared responsibility

The possibilities are many, but without a competent advisor, the distribution of liability between the cloud service provider and your company may become blurred.

Moving software to the cloud does not mean that operation, maintenance, and service go there as well. Public cloud providers make a framework available that businesses themselves are required to fill out.

Miracle acts as the missing link between the public cloud provider and your business. We make sure that your cloud environment is continuously trimmed and maintained to match your requirements at all times.

Get a head start…

Contact us today, to find out how a complete or partial move to the cloud could benefit your IT business.


Jakob Svan
Head of department
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