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Your Green Vision

Application for automation of CSR reports

Together with the company Your Green Vision ApS, Miracle has developed the application “GreenVision”, the purpose of which is to guide, structure and document companies’ CSR activities.

Your Green Vision rapport


In connection with the passing of the Danish Accounting Act §99, it has been statutory for a number of Danish companies to keep account of their sustainable activities, as a part of the annual report on the company’s social responsibility. This includes approximately 1,400 Danish companies.

Additionally, there are many SMEs that are not covered by the Danish Financial Statements Act, but which work with CSR on a voluntary basis. To SMEs, CSR reports are a voluntary responsibility – and a possibility to be seen and perceived as a socially responsible company.

CSR also has some competitive advantages. A strong CSR strategy is able to affect both customers and employees, as socially responsible companies attract loyal customers and employees to a greater extent.

The preparation of the CSR reports can be a complicated, time consuming and exhausting process which often requires weeks of work and involves several different operators. GreenVision puts an end to this, and gathers the entire process in one powerful tool.

Your Green Vision


An innovative tool to simplify the process of preparing CSR reports was needed. There was no tool on the market which could support this. Therefore, GreenVision has, in collaboration with Miracle, developed a documentation and reporting tool that makes it easy for companies to prepare CSR reports. In collaboration with GreenVision, we developed the application ‘GreenVision’ which guides, structures and documents companies’ CSR activities.

The tool helps companies move their focus from reporting to strategy and action. The application makes it possible for companies to prepare a presentable, simple and clear CSR report in a simple way.

The report can be used to communicate the company’s important work with sustainability, as well as measure the company’s sustainable activities – both internally on a yearly basis, but also with competitors within the same industry.


GreenVision.io is a web application hosted by Microsoft Azure – this ensures scalability and stability.

Miracle uses Azure devops to support CI/CD and thereby speed in relation to new features in a managed pipeline.

The front-end is developed with Blazor on a .net Core backend, which is a very powerful combination.

Visions and requirements

GreenVision’s team has a clear vision of their product and they are experts on the area of CSR, however, they are less experienced when it comes to IT development. It has been important to Miracle, as IT suppliers, to be close to the customer, and to not only understand, but also translate product visions and requirements regarding user-friendliness to the exact application that fulfills this.

Therefore, we have been working consciously with visualization and UX-design in form of mock ups, and let it be our common ground for dialogue and requirements.

Agile process

The process of getting from visions to a specific product has through the entire process been glued together by the project’s agile approach. It has made it possible to work focused on every sprint and yet have an ongoing dialogue with the customer and accept the developed components.

And actually, it has been working so well that the solution’s MVP version was delivered before the deadline, below budget, and thus there was room for several cool features within the same time- and financial frame.


Your Green Vision ApS was established in November 2020. The company was created in order to help customers carry out their green visions. This is made possible through the application Green Vision, which guides, structures and documents companies’ CSR activities in a simple and easy way.     

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