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Mobile app for Totalkredit

A practical and accessible solution to help you get a quick overview when buying real estate.


A big part of the adult Danish population has a mortgage loan, and it’s typically the greatest financial obligation of our lives. At the same time, we feel uncertain in the process of loaning, and get a feeling of “this is not something I have an understanding of”. And strictly speaking: It doesn’t interest us. In fact, few of us are passionate about knowing anything about mortgages. However, it is important to decide how much we want to loan, for how long and how we weigh the different pros and cons of the different types of mortgages. In the loaning situation, we are typically left with mixed feelings of inadequacy and an expectation of a protracted and complicated process – a process which has great significance for our future economy.

The challenge is to create a digital service that will be experienced as simple, and enables ordinary, adult Danes to make competent choices, without first having to pass the great mortgage loan exam. A service that is experienced as simple and easy. A service that people without financial knowledge want to use.


Miracle developed an app that delivers a brief overview if you are about to buy a home, but also if you already have a mortgage loan. You can easily calculate the costs of a loan for a new home with different types of mortgages. You can also check your mortgage loan, if you already have one. Perhaps, you may refinance your mortgage to a different type of loan. It is also possible to search for the home of your dreams directly through the app, and get suggestions for financing. The solution retrieves data from the Den Digitale Tinglysning (The Digital Registration), houses for sale, NemID and integrates into the calculation services of Totalkredit. A solution that requires communication of complex material, UX, security regarding data privacy and security regarding accuracy.

In fact, the solution states unusually high demands on design as Totalkredit co-brands the medlemspengeinstitutter they work with. Thus the app manages Look & Feel across companies.

Calculating loans

The app gives you an overview, if you want to know how much the mortgage will cost you. You simply enter the price and the loan amount of the estate, and, afterwards, you can easily compare the financing to the different types of mortgages offered by Totalkredit. If you already have a loan, perhaps you may refinance to a different type. You simply need to enter your address, and then the app will find your current loan and give you an idea of what it means if you refinance.

See homes for sale

If you’re house-hunting, the Totalkredit app gives you an overview of the houses for sale in your area. When you have found your dream house, you simply need to click on it and then you will get a range of information regarding the house and you will be able to make a loan calculation.

KundeKroner (CustomerCoins)

In the app, you can also see how many KundeKroner (CustomerCoins) you can get as a discount on payments on your loan. KundeKroner (CustomerCoins) are cash benefits guaranteed until 2020 for all customers with a mortgage loan in Totalkredit.


Most of Totalkredit and Nykredit is owned by the association Forenet Kredit. The purpose of the association is, among other things, to ensure Danish homeowners and companies access to financing across Denmark now and in the future.

Meanwhile, Forenet Kredit has made a clear strategy – the association’s income from the ownership of Totalkredit amongst other activities should benefit the customers. This is for instance why you as a customer at Totalkredit can earn KundeKroner (CustomerCoins).

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Ursula Krogsbøll
Director Of Innovation
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