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Further development and support of VIAS

VIAS is an administrative system for supporting case processes.


The National Board of Social Services is a part of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior. The administration’s purpose is to contribute to knowledge based social politics, which leads to effective social efforts for the benefit of the citizens. The National Board of Social Services needed competent feedback on further development, maintenance and support of their application VIAS. VIAS is the national knowledge and special advisory organization’s (VISO) administrative system for supporting case processes, document management and financial management. The feedback should help take the application to the next level.


Miracle was ready with the right competencies to provide help with maintenance, further development and support of VIAS. Jan Christensen, Senior Manager of the National Board of Social Services, tells about the collaboration: “During the period of transitioning, Miracle has ensured that all choices and opt-outs were thoroughly discussed and expectations were matched in detail. This way, the process supports the insight that is gained, and the end product thereby covers the need at the time of delivery”.

System development

We were ready with feedback regarding system development and to help with all parts of their project.
Read more in this pdf: VIAS The National Board of Social Services case



We have based our work on the project framework SCRUM to ensure the best possible project process. We acknowledge through SCRUM that it is not possible to know all requirements in the beginning of the process and that they can change along the way, so the process becomes unpredictable.

Agile development and estimation

Because we chose an agile method of development, we were able to adjust to new challenges. This meant the process went optimally.


The National Board of Social Services is a part of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior. The organization consists of an executive board, a management secretariat and three pillars with centers and offices. The tasks of the offices outline the administration’s role as a container of knowledge on the social work area, caretaker of monitoring the social area and the social efforts in Denmark, as well as social work advisor for municipalities, regions and citizens.

VISO is a network organization under the National Board of Social Services, consisting of a central unit in Odense and a network of specialists. The unit in Odense is staffed by one senior manager and approximately 40 employees. The network of specialists is from municipal, regional and private suppliers, providing consultancy for VISO. VISO consults citizens, municipalities and institutions when there’s a need for additional expertise, knowledge and experience. VISO consults in the cases regarding marginalized children, young people and adults, as well as children, young people and adults with disabilities or mental health issues. The counseling is free and covers nationwide.

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