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Further development and transformation of SBSYS

SBSYS is an association for common public cooperation, which means cheaper and more efficient administration for both citizens and companies.


The User Club SBSYS had a vision of being able to share investments in the development work, but collect the efficiency gains in each organization. This together with an overall common goal of getting case procedures locally supported by systems, in order to increase efficiency and job satisfaction.

The philosophy of the User Club SBSYS is to share investments in the development work, but getting the efficiency gains in each organization. The common goal is to get case procedures locally supported by systems, so everybody experiences an efficient everyday life with increased job satisfaction.


Miracle achieves the tasks with further development and transformation of SBSYS in close collaboration with the municipalities over four years. Besides modernizing and refactoring parts of the code, the development ensures a movement away from client/server application to a more incident driven architecture. This will make it possible for the municipalities and other users to build independent platform applications on top of the system, which can be targeted at different user groups and devices, and developed by different suppliers.


Miracle was responsible for refactoring, where the existing program code was rewritten, so it was simpler, and the old code was removed and thus easier to maintain. This was done with a bigger test suite which had been automated over time, so the different test environments could run the different test types in a flexible and structured manner.

Incident driven architecture

Also called EDA. This was chosen in order to ensure that both the sender and the receiver were integrated in a loosely connected way, so the replacement of the systems didn’t generate integration tasks.

Platform independent applications

It was important that the transformation of SBSYS was platform independent so it could run across platforms.


The User Club is an association where member organizations develop and maintain SBSYS and the various services together. The User Club works within the framework set by the member organizations, and thus the member organizations don’t cede competencies to The User Club. The User Club works as a forum where one can discuss specific relations regarding SBSYS as well as digital administration in general.

The User Club SBSYS is still gaining more members. More tasks are still solved for the citizens and users of the members, and the system is constantly further developed in order to do more. Today, The User Club consists of 40 members allocated in 39 municipalities and one region.

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