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Implementing Jira Service Management

Implementation of Jira Service Management and automation of processes with a scalable tool has provided great value to Sanistål’s IT organization.

Medarbejder ved computeren


Sanistål were facing a replacement of the system for managing Service Desk cases. One of the major requirements for the new system was the option to automate large parts of their processes. The goal was also to give customers and collaborators an even better experience with faster response and fewer mistakes. Through an internal survey, Sanistål found that Jira Service Management might cover the stated needs – including increased automation. Therefore, they were on the lookout for a local partner with specialized knowledge of Atlassian, who could advise them on the many possibilities Jira Service Management provides, and, simultaneously, recommend the right implementation process. Our certified consultants have many years of experience with Atlassian in particular, and were therefore quickly able to clarify whether it was possible to achieve the commercial advantages that Sanistål were looking for. Once this was confirmed, our consultants ensured the functionality of the technical aspects.

“We have been very satisfied with the collaboration and the consulting from Miracle. During the entire collaboration, they focused on finding the best solution, which matched our needs and created the greatest value for us.” 

– Henriette Kjærgaard Hesselby, Sanistål A/S

Service request

A product that has really provided value to the organization!

A workshop between Sanistål and our consultants clarified that Jira Service Management from Atlassian could fulfill the needs of Sanistål. In addition to strong management of both incidents as well as problem and service requests, Jira Service Management also offers self service of high quality and easy access to automation through smart intelligence. It was important that the chosen solution wasn’t too technical as various people in the organization had to use it and be responsible for the implementation – also people without a technical background.

Specifically, Sanistål accomplished a process of rolling implementation where they started with all the incidents received via email. When this was in place, they continued with a phase-in which they did step by step – including increased focus on automation of as many processes as possible in their Service Desk.

Lagerautomater, Billund

Automation – simple and easy

An example of easy automation was the ordering of headsets and IT equipment. There is usually always a high demand for this type of products, however, the demand especially increased during the lockdown in Denmark in relation to COVID-19. Instead of having a person sit in the Service Desk and receive the employees’ orders of new headsets and calling the supplier manually, they automated the process by using Jira. It was simple and easy to set up the relevant spaces in Jira so the users could order for themselves. Afterwards, the case is created and an automated mail forwards the order to the supplier with all the necessary information regarding the specific product, where it needs to be sent to and who should be invoiced. At the same time, the user receives a confirmation, so the case can be closed. The entire process is automated, which saves Service Desk time, prevents errors and releases the pressure on time consuming follow-ups.

Sanistål experienced that there were constantly new features and possibilities to make the system even better. At the same time, there was little time from thought to action, and the system’s user-friendliness led to great satisfaction among the users.

“Our users, and not only our employees in Service Desk, have become incredibly happy with Jira Service Management.” – Henriette Kjærgaard Hesselby, Sanistål A/S.

We continue the development

One of the advantages of Jira is that you can choose, from a great pool of options, the solutions that suit your challenges. After the success of Service Desk, Sanistål has chosen to purchase two additional modules. ‘Canned Response’, which helps to send similar emails to the users, as well as ‘Customer Form Extention’ which increases the user-friendliness on the forms the customers have to fill out. Additionally, the department that works with Business Intelligence has replaced Outlook and Excel for task and project management, so it also runs in Jira. The same has been done in the department of Purchasing and Market, and they are definitely not the last department to transfer their projects to Jira.

Implementation and user interface

In order to implement Jira Service Management, you don’t have to be an expert in IT. You can implement Jira Service Management in the pace that makes sense for your organization.


The solution can easily be scaled as needed.


A simple and easy option to automate workflows.


“We have received a product with great potential to add value to our organization” – Henriette Kjærgaard Hesselby, Sanistål A/S.

The roots of Sanistål can be traced back to the mid 1800’s, however, the company, as we know it today, was established in 1971. In the beginning, they primarily delivered, as the name refers to (stål = steel), steel and metals, but, throughout the 80’s and 90’s, the product portfolio expanded. Today, it contains almost 400,000 different products within steel and metals, plumbing and VA-technique, chemistry, personal equipment and much more. The company has more than 34 physical stores spread across the country and 1,200 employees located in Denmark and abroad. Today, Sanistål works as a value creating sourcing partner for their customers. Through specialized know-how, digital competencies and goods handling services, they create value between manufacturers and customers.

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