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New HR- and wage system for Flügger

Miracle solved a need for developing and operating a more efficient and reliable system.


Flügger experienced a need for increased efficiency and a more reliable operation in their HR- and wage system. Flügger are primarily using solutions provided by Microsoft, however, back then they chose Oracle’s HR- and wage system, which was outside of their IT department’s competencies.


Through an outsourcing agreement, Miracle has been given the full responsibility for operations and development. The operations have become more reliable and the efficiency has increased tremendously. When the agreement was signed, Flügger simultaneously chose to upgrade to Oracle Business Suite, after which the implementation was executed quickly and smoothly.

“Miracle was responsible for this job and they definitely proved their worth. They transformed our settings, which was quite a big project consisting of approximately 800 hours. They handled it with no problems, and it was a pleasure experiencing it. We chose to find a collaborator who could accomplish both operations and development. Therefore, we contacted Miracle, who had implemented the system, and with whom we had great experiences. We attach great importance to efficiency and stability in IT-operations. We must support the business, and if something goes wrong, it costs significantly more than the extra security we get by passing the tasks onto the right hands. It requires a specific knowledge, which is acquired by Miracle. We have handed over everything with minimal effort. 

We experience that our operations have become more reliable and that the responsibility regarding updates and development lies well with Miracle. This provides us with composure, so we can focus on more strategic tasks. They understand our business and needs, and they emphasize the importance of quality. And then they are receptive when it comes to timetables and prioritization. Their values appeal to us and make us feel safe”. 

Quote, Flügger’s group IT Manager, Lars Knudsen.

Oracle HR- and wage system

Flügger has chosen an Oracle HR and wage system, and despite the fact that they have had it since 2007, it is still state of the art. However, they lacked the right competencies and thus needed help.

Stable operations and increased flexibility

We increased the flexibility while Flügger simultaneously maintained a stable operation of the wage system.

Oracle Business Suite

Flügger chose to upgrade their Oracle Business Suite. The big project went without any problems and was a great delight for all parties.


Flügger is an international company that designs and markets a broad and coordinated range of decorative painting, wood preservation, polyfilla etc. Flügger has 600 stores located between the Nordic countries, Eastern Europe and China.

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