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Agile mobile app solution for EazyProject

Miracle developed a user-friendly app for recording time, driving and expenses, as well as the set up of documents and enclosures.


EazyProject is one of Denmark’s most used project management tools, and it gives an overview of projects, time, resources and economy. EazyProject is 100 % online and values flexibility and user-friendliness. In order to make EazyProject more accessible to our clients and users, we needed to develop our already existing iOS app for Android phones.


“Miracle developed and designed the new Android app based on the functions from the iOS app. The goal was to develop an easy accessible, fast and user-friendly time recording app with the possibility of recording time, driving and expenses, as well as the set up of documents and enclosures.

Miracle has been very receptive and fast at responding throughout our collaboration. They have had a great understanding of our challenges and problems,” says Bo Bertelsen, COO at EazyProject.

Read more about EazyProject here: www.eazyproject.net



It is now easy as a client of EazyProject to record time, driving and expenses as well as enclosures.

Automatic synchronization

The app automatically synchronizes with the rest of the EazyProject system and allows you to extract reports from important data.

User-friendly app

Miracle has been able to develop a user-friendly app that follows EazyProject’s visual look and flexibility.


EazyProject was established in 2002 by Kenneth Holmskov Larsen, with a clear vision that web-based business software was the future. The first EazyProject version was launched in 2008.
With more than 10,000 daily users, EazyProject has grown into a strong and acknowledged software house that develops and sells professional online solutions for large and small companies.

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