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Student App

Aalborg University

The app that is always updated with essential information for the students


Aalborg University wanted to make it more desirable to be a student at Aalborg University – and at the same time make the everyday student life easier for the students. The challenge was to reach as many students as possible across the fields of study. An extra feature developed was a Feel Good component, which the student counseling desired, in order to favor and catch the problems, before they occur at the time of the study. AAU Student was developed in close collaboration with AAU’s app team and student workers. By doing this, we gained an insight into the students’ everyday life, their wishes and needs. The app has thus been developed based on user surveys and workshops.


AAU Student retrieves data from Moodle, which is the students’ “schedule”. The app gives access to all courses, events, news etc. Additionally, the app has reduced the amount of “quick questions” for the student counseling, as it provides answers to the most common things the students experience in their everyday lives.

Read more in this pdf: Aalborg Student APP



The student is able to see its schedule and access all essential information regarding the courses. The schedule can for instance be synchronized with the student’s regular calendar on its phone.


A list with links has made it easily accessible for the students to find the relevant and needed information. Everything is compiled in the app, so they don’t need to waste time on finding the right information.

Student counseling

The student counseling offers help with study techniques etc. during the time of study. This is accessible in the app, just like sum ups on how to spend one’s time as a student, and whether there’s a need for reprioritization.


Aalborg University (AAU) was established in 1974. The university has campus areas in Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen, and more than 17,000 students. At AAU’s traditional annual celebration, the university, together with a number of foundations, awards and honors researchers, students and lecturers at AAU as well as international researchers. AAU is the highest ranked university in Denmark, within the research field of computer science. Each year, between 300 and 400 research deals are made with public and private operators, such as large digital companies.

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