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Together we create technology for people – would you like to join us?

We offer an inspiring workplace in an informal social environment – with room for influence and personal development for all associates.

You will be part of a business, where we try our hardest every day to contribute to the digitalisation of Denmark. We are experts at making technology available to people, and we employ a pragmatic approach to make our solutions keep focus on the user. Together we create digital success stories.

With us, you will have the opportunity to work on projects, which do not only make a noticeable difference in our society but will also give you the opportunity to challenge yourself professionally, along with your competent colleagues. Whether newly graduated or experienced, with us you will get every opportunity to develop your skills, professional as well as personal, because we make a virtue out of continuously offering relevant education to our associates.

It is our ambition to be Denmark’s leading IT workplace measured on employee satisfaction. We believe that takes a healthy balance between focus on work and collegial friendship. In addition to competitive salaries and a great pension scheme with health insurance, we offer a fun everyday experience with lots of social activities, among others table football, biking trips, wine club, plus a host of other communities and clubs for any type of interest.

Would you care to join the journey?

We will boost your career

We take your professional and personal development seriously. Therefore, every associate becomes part of our Career Booster. It contains a thoroughly tested introduction program, a career and competence development plan, plus relevant continuous education.

Our introduction program ensures that you will have a proper start with us. You will receive a detailed presentation of each department, giving you an overview of their competences, clients, and cases. This in turn ensures a good collaboration across the organisation. At the same time, you will be assigned a permanent contact person, so that you will always know who to turn to for help. As soon as you are situated, we will tailor a career and competence development plan with you. As a part of that, we offer all of our associates relevant continuous education, because it is in our DNA to constantly strive to improve and develop ourselves.

Our Values

We Dare

We accept every challenge and never turn our backs on a problem. Having made that clear, it is likewise important for us to be transparent about the process, in which we present our clients with our honest opinions. We always solve the challenges – and we are not afraid of mistakes either, we deal with them as we go if they arise.

We Share

Sharing our knowledge is important to us – not just across the organisation, but also with our clients. We take a lot of pride in client transparency and involvement, ensuring that they always have complete insight into the ongoing work process. We realise that we are team players not only with our colleagues, but to a similar extent with our clients. Consequently, we are likely to join in partnerships with our clients’ other partners, enabling us to find the best solutions across the board.

We Care

We never give up on a problem, and we are always available; whether you are a client or a colleague, we are always ready to lend a helping hand. This goes for short term as well as long term solutions. We are here for the long haul, and here to stay.

Miracle GAIS måling 2021

Employee satisfaction survey

It is our ambition to be Denmark’s leading IT workplace. We make sure that we are by constantly making an effort to achieve a high score in the yearly employee surveys, which are carried out by an independent external analysis company. Miracle’s most important assets are our associates. Our strengths lie partly in the diversity among our colleagues, and in recognising the unique qualities, that we each bring to the workplace. Therefore, we are always keen to find out how we can improve and create an environment, which provides space for creativity, moving quickly from idea to action.

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Since the establishment in 2000 our focus has been on high professionalism. We want the clients to know that we know our stuff. Furthermore, we work under a set of values, which we call we dare, we share, we care. That is something we all feel is very important and carry with us in our work.

– Jan Skelbaek, CEO, Miracle


We understand that sustainability is shaping the business of tomorrow. The future is created by energetic businesses that launch products and set initiatives in motion which solve real problems in society. It is about creating and doing business on the premise of change. This goes for large as well as small ventures.

Hence, it is our mission to contribute to the green transition through the digitalisation of Denmark. Financial growth and sustainable development require that we reduce our footprint in nature as quickly as possible, by changing the way in which we produce and consume. This is why we help companies move their organisations in the direction of a sustainable future in the best way possible, by creating digital solutions.

Green data centres

Our green data centres run on green power. Data centres use electricity to operate the IT equipment, as well as for cooling their servers. It is however crucial to our climate that this power consumption to the widest possible extent is covered by renewable energy sources, ensuring that the demand for storage and processing of data does not harm the climate unnecessarily.

In our everyday work, we are paying attention to our own habits, and have introduced a number of initiatives to limit food waste in our workplace. This includes, among other things, smaller plates, meatless days, and a leftover distribution plan. Plus, we are working on additional climate-friendly initiatives to accommodate the green transition.

Quality of life & responsibility

We take our responsibility to our associates very seriously, and we make an effort to create a healthy workplace, which can contribute to the quality of life for all of our associates. We want to be an attractive and diverse workplace – diversity is crucial to our development. Therefore, we encourage everyone, regardless of gender, nationality, race, age, or religion to apply for a job with us.

A good balance between work and spare time is a priority with us, as we believe that a healthy balance creates more energy and a better well-being in the workplace. It is all about equilibrium and priorities, and we regard this as the middle ground between challenge and activity on one side – and emotional presence and relaxation on the other.

This is why we organise a number of social activities, which contribute to a healthy work climate – among other things running and walks during work hours. To many people, exercise is an important factor in their personal well-being, but it can be difficult to find the time in a busy everyday life. We want to accommodate this. Other social activities include biking trips, wine club, table football, and pool tournaments.

A healthy work environment

We take responsibility for a healthy work environment with ergonomic office facilities and equipment, as well as by continuously making sure to improve through employee satisfaction surveys and work environment surveys – and by finding constructive solutions to various challenges.

Furthermore, we have introduced an external, as well as internal, code of conduct which relates to proper working conditions in our supply chain, personnel handbooks, conflict handling, stress reduction, and whistle-blower initiatives.

These efforts have all been made to create a powerful company culture. Together we set the goals, and the framework, for the tasks we need to solve.

Unsolicited applications

We are always looking for skilled people – do not hesitate to send us an unsolicited application.

All applications should be send to – start@miracle.dk


If you are currently attending higher education and would like to try your hand at the IT business, we would very much like to hear from you.

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