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Automation frees up time

Digitalisation and automation will not only reduce time spent on a given process or task – it will also ensure a considerable reduction of errors, which is an undeniable consequence of manual processes.

Automation streamlines workflows, thus providing access to more value-adding work, and in turn becoming a source of increased growth for your business.

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Are you considering a new development platform?

DevOps is the way to go, if you want to connect development and operational activities in a way that enhances communication, collaboration, continuous development and integration, as well as delivery via automated test and commission.

To ensure an agile, scalable setup, the starting point is often a technology stack consisting of a broad array of tools, which might include Container technology, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Red Hat, Openshift, Ansible, and Jira.

DevOps competences with experience

Miracle has competences and experience in DevOps as well as Continuous Integration (CI) & Continuous Delivery (CD). We would like to help you get started on friction-free development, which assures quality software solutions.

We have a great deal of experience in training organisations in new collaborative forms, where DevOps and disciplines such as CI/CD and automation play a crucial role. We will guide and coach your teams, taking part in both short-term and long-term processes, as we prepare your operational- and development departments for an entirely new way of working together.

Infrastructure as Code

IaC (Infrastructure as Code) eliminates shell scripts, command prompts, and manual procedures in favour of DevOps tooling, which results in more efficient operations and deliveries. Miracle offers coaching in DevOps tooling, for instance Ansible, and Ansible Tower. With IaC, change management, and configuration management, becomes a natural, well-documented, and efficient part of any development and operational process.


Migration of existing on-premise applications to Linux containers.

With containers and suitable development standards, it is possible to deliver Atomic services/microservices, which minimise impact of change in case of shifting business needs. This furthermore supports the development team of the organisation, who now has the opportunity of working in parallel in the same system – without interruptions.


Platforms such as OpenShift, OKD, and AWS ECS, makes it possible to optimise and allocate the use of hardware resource to the appropriate services and systems in a transparent and standardised procedure. Development teams will become more proficient in their fast-track skill levels and will be able to quickly adapt and establish necessary infrastructure, as well as measure performance and resource use, in a fast and efficient way.


Continuous Integration makes it possible for development teams to obtain instant feedback on software changes, thus drastically reducing the number of errors reaching production.

Continuous Delivery automates complex deployment, reducing the margin for configuration errors. With an automated process based on DevOps standards, Continuous Delivery considerably increases operational stability both before, during, and after deployment.

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