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Licenses come with consulting …

It is important to understand how the technical side works, and how to set it up. Most essential however, is the understanding of the client’s needs and processes, to be able to offer a precisely targeted license portfolio. At Miracle, we know the solutions that we provide licenses for. Hence, every license sale is accompanied by competent advice from our consultants.

Adapted to your processes

Atlassian’s state-of-the-art solutions for teamwork, knowledge sharing, and project management combined with Miracle’s certified Atlassian consultants ensures that the technical side works, and that the configuration is done in accordance with your processes and organisation.


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Technology for people

It is in our mantra Technology for people, that we must strike the proper balance between technology, processes, and, not least, the people who work using our solutions.

This is reflected in the composition of our Atlassian Team, which consists of professionally competent tech gurus as well as process experts, who know how to meet end users at eye level.

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As an Atlassian client with Miracle
you have access to a number of benefits

  • Access to certified Atlassian consultants

  • Access to Miracle’s Atlassian Support Portal

  • Consulting in accordance with best practice

  • Assistance with solution and process optimisation

  • Subscription renewal alert

  • License consulting

Get a head start…

If you have any questions regarding Atlassian pricing or solutions, or if you perhaps have hit a brick wall with a subcontractor without certified Atlassian consultants to help you, please contact Miracle and let us know what we can do to help.


Hans William Falck
Head Of Division
Diana Montes Olivares & Nana Prendergast
License & Subscriptions
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