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With licenses comes advice …

It is important to have an understanding of how the technique works and how it is set up.
However, it is absolutely essential to understand the users’ needs and processes in order to be able to offer the right license portfolio. At Miracle, we know the solutions for which we provide licenses for. Therefore, competent advice always accompanies any sale of licenses.

Adapted to your processes

Atlassian’s superior solutions for teamwork, knowledge sharing and project management combined with Miracle’s certified Atlassian consultants ensure that the technology works. The setup is based on your processes and organisation.


Technology for Humans

It is in our mantra, ‘Technology for People’, that there must be the right balance between technology, processes and the people who work with the solutions.

This is reflected in the composition of our Atlassian Team, where we have professionally strong technical aces as well as process experts who know how to meet users at eye level.

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As an Atlassian customer at Miracle
You have access to a number of benefits
  • Access to Atlassian Certified Consultants
  • Access the Miracles Atlassian Support Portal
  • Advice in Relation to Best Practice
  • Assistance in Optimising Solutions and Processes
  • Notice when your Licenses Need to be Renewed
  • License Advice

Get started

If you have questions about Atlassian prices or solutions, or if you are stuck with a supplier who does not have certified Atlassian consultants to help you further, contact Miracle and hear how we can help.


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