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Strengthen your collaboration with Atlassian products

At Miracle, we have been working with Atlassian’s product portfolio for the past 12 years. This has taken place in connection with development, maintenance, and support of a vast number of IT solutions for a host of public and private businesses.

This has provided us with a broad understanding of those solutions, and it is our experience that a balance must be struck between technology, processes, and people to achieve optimal utilisation of the Atlassian product portfolio.

Therefore, our Atlassian team consists of tech gurus as well as process geeks, who understand where you are coming from, and thus can help you strengthen the collaboration and knowledge sharing in your organisation through the use of Atlassian products.

You can read more about our Atlassian license services here or see our entire Atlassian applications portfolio here.

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As an Atlassian client with Miracle You have access to several benefits:

  • Consulting according to best practice in Atlassian products and plugins
  • Help in optimising your setup, solutions, and processes
  • Easy access to qualified support by certified Atlassian consultants via our Support Portal
  • Help in license handling and advice upon changing conditions and price adjustments, as well as possible optimisations

Please find further information about our services and Atlassian’s platform below

Our Services
Analysis of work processes and improvement suggestions
We use workshops, interviews, and observation to gather knowledge about your work processes, which is then analysed and used as a basis for suggested improvements.

Setup and installation
We use Atlassian best practices in combination with our own experience in the various solutions. This ensures correct installation and setup of your Atlassian software, in compliance with your current setup and needs.

Performance tuning
A great many factors can influence application performance, including plugins, a faulty network setup, antivirus, and more.
If you are experiencing trouble with your setup, let us have a look at it and suggest some possible solutions.

Consultancy & education
Let us advise you on Atlassian’s product portfolio. We will guide you on how to make the right decisions. Should you need Atlassian education, we can prepare a tailor-made course for you.

Integration & Migration of data
Make your Atlassian platforms integrate with one another and get the maximum out of your software. We will also handle integration with your other platforms, or migration of data to and from Atlassian.

License consulting
No matter what your license needs may be, we will gladly help with, for example:

  • License review, or an estimate of whether data centre or cloud is the right way to go
  • Unifying your licenses, so that you are only billed once a year
  • Options and recommendations regarding add-ons
  • Costs and new license pricing upon migration to cloud

Hosting & Cloud
We understand the difference between Hosting and Cloud and can provide the necessary advice for you to make the right decision. If you choose a hosted solution, we offer professional hosting, making sure that your performance is on top. If you already have Atlassian applications and are considering moving them to Atlassian’s cloud, we can advise you on choosing the right solutions, drawing on our experience. In turn, if it appears that Cloud is the way to go, we can help you get a safe and quick migration.

Application support
We offer you the option of outsourcing your user support to us. Our helpdesk has extensive Atlassian experience and can help your users, whether about project management or user management. Our skilled Atlassian team consultants are always standing by to provide second line support.

Atlassian’s solution portfolio

Jira Software
With Jira Software, your organisation gets a tool that strengthens collaboration in your teams by ensuring clearly delegated tasks and deadlines. Jira Software is ideal when it comes to software development and DevOps, since it is easily integrated with code-based tools, adapting your workflows to support your procedures, thus ensuring efficiency for every project.

Jira Service Management
Jira Service Management offers an ITIL certified service management platform, which supports your IT and business teams in delivering great service experiences. Jira Service Management makes it easy to categorise service requests, incidents, problems, and changes to the organisation by organising and prioritising these in one central place – while in turn keeping your team on track regarding targets and service level agreements.

Confluence is a flexible, wiki-based application that supports collaboration and knowledge sharing in, and across, teams in your organisation. Everything is organised in one place, keeping knowledge and consistency secure across teams and projects.

Jira Work Management
Jira Work Management is an adjustable project management tool, which keeps projects and assignments organised in one central place. Uniting all of the projects in a given department under three key functions, i.e. task management, project management, and process management, enables every associate in the department to stay up to date on the various task processes.

Bitbucket is a Git-based code repository that provides your software teams with a central place to plan, collaborate on, test, and deploy their code. Bitbucket makes it easy to build quality code through automated test, and not least, rollout of code.

Bamboo is a CI/CD tool, which unites automated build, test, and release of code. Furthermore, the system offers information in the form of statistical analysis, and status updates on successful / failed code builds. Bamboo integrates easily and seamlessly with Atlassian’s other applications.

Get a head start

Whether you need to buy Atlassian licences, or need help analysing, educating, and facilitating start-up, Miracle – being an Atlassian Solution Partner – is ready to help.


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