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Application Modernization & Migration (AMM)

How do you make time for transformation?

If your business has been around for some time, it is very likely that you are using legacy applications. Research has shown that IT departments on average spend 70% of their time keeping existing solutions up and running, and an additional 19% on expanding them. That leaves just 11% of IT department time for innovation and new development.

Maintenance of existing portfolio
Innovation, differentiation, growth

Does this sound familiar?

  • It is difficult to find the time for innovation and new development
  • You worry that there is too much status quo, and not enough transformation
  • Your organisation puts increasingly high demands on IT delivery, both regarding quality, cost, and time to market

If you recognise this, Miracle’s Application Modernization & Migration program was made for you. Here, you will find inspiration on how to speed up your business, and how to:

  • Reap your benefits in the best way
  • Achieve a sustainable level of cost
  • Create an IT portfolio that is easier to overview and manage

It is all about moving your IT solutions and organisation towards the future.

A future that demands delivery over a short time horizon, at an affordable cost level, while providing an intuitive and appealing solution design. Because IT solutions are crucial to the survival of your business.

Success is not a result of tech alone. For this reason, we are focused on the human factor as well, all while preparing you to accelerate your digital transformation, leaving the proper amount of space for individuals, ideas, and idealism.

Because it is people who make the success!

research design and implementation

Do you dare to take the first step?

Application Modernization & Migration is a well-proven concept, applied successfully already by a long list of companies, which is why we are certain that it works.

All you have to do to get started is put together a team, set a date, and call Miracle. We will then handle everything from then on, together with our partners Red Hat and Microsoft.

Who will be at the workshop?

Miracle expert team

– Project manager
– Solution architect
– Innovation & strategy expert

Your team

– Management
– Business & IT decision makers
– Infrastructure architects
– Operation leads

Get a head start…

Get in touch for an informal talk about a possible workshop

Arik Gaarde Nielsen Twena
Head of Department
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