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& Migration (AMM)

How do you get time for transformation?

If your company has some years behind it, it is very likely that you will use legacy applications. Studies show that companies’ & IT departments spend 70% of their time keeping current solutions running and 19% expanding them. That leaves just 11% of their time for innovation and new development.

Do you?

  • Do you have difficulty finding the time for innovation and new development?
  • Do you worry that there is too much status quo and too little transformation?
  • Does your organisation place greater and greater demands on IT deliveries, both in terms of quality, cost and time-to-market?

If that sounds familiar, then the Miracle Application, Modernisation and Migration program is for you. Here you get inspiration on how to get more speed on your business, and how to:

  • Best reap your benefits
  • Get an affordable cost level
  • Create an IT portfolio that is more clear and manageable

It is about how you can best move both your IT solutions and your IT organisation towards the future.

A future that demands deliveries with short time horizons, an affordable cost level and a solution design that seems intuitive and inviting. Because IT solutions are crucial to a company’s viability.

Success does not come from technology alone. Therefore, we also focus on accelerating your digital transformation making room for individuals, ideas and idealism.

Because it’s people who create success!

Do you dare to take the first step?

Application, Modernisation and Migration is a well-proven concept that a large number of companies have already had great success with. We therefore know that it works.

All you have to do to get started is set up your team, find a date and call Miracle. Then we take care of the rest together with our partners Red Hat and Microsoft.

Who is present at the workshop?

Miracle expert team

  • Project Manager
  • Solution Architect
  • CTO
  • Innovation and Strategy Expert

Your team

  • Management
  • Decision makers from Business and IT
  • Infrastructure Architects
  • Operation Leader

Get started…

Contact us for a non-binding talk about a possible workshop


Simon Møgelvang Bang
Development Director
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Ursula Krogsbøl
Innovation Director
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