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Outsourcing application management

Research shows that IT departments in companies spends 70% of their time managing applications.

Outsourcing application management frees up time in the IT department, which can then be spent on innovation and development of clever solutions for the business – it also ensures continued development and maintenance of existing applications.

More time to innovate

Putting out fires and pulling employee resources on an irregular basis to perform maintenance on old applications, takes time and focus away from innovation and digital transformation.

An application, that may have started out as quick solution to a specific challenge, develops over time, perhaps becomes critical to the business – and now, managing it is taking up far too much time in the IT department.

It can be difficult to keep application knowledge in the IT department. Employees may leave without passing on what they know, and suddenly, important knowledge is lost.

Optimisation & Refactoring

Miracle makes a virtue of having an overview of complex systems, ensuring future development and operations.

With your organisation, we will create a new roadmap, ensuring maximum value for your business, while at the same time securing the day-to-day system operation.

We are ready to help, whether it is a short term or long-term project!

Application and Operation Support

We take pride in knowing our clients, and their systems. In addition to handling application management, we provide service-level agreement (SLA) support as well. Based on the ITIL framework, we offer a flexible setup supporting your needs, avoiding lengthy processes and procedures.


Get the maximum out of your IT investment – let Miracle handle support.

Get a head start …

Feel free to contact us for an informal talk about your specific application landscape.


Hans William Falck
Department Manager
phone 2073 7433
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